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BENTISM 80-90LBS/24H Commercial Ice Maker Ice Cube Machine 33LBS Bin Storage LED

BENTISM 80-90LBS/24H Commercial Ice Maker Ice Cube Machine 33LBS Bin Storage LED

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Product Description

80-90LBS/24H Commercial Ice Maker with 33LBS Storage Bin
Our upgraded-designed commercial ice maker is equipped with a digital control panel and owns the ability to set the time of making ice in advance. The reservation setting is available for up to 5 hours. You can expect for pleasant and comfortable sleep in the evening. The digital control panel shows the problem when the machine stops making ice and offers reminds when ice is full. Cleaning is also easy to be done with a simple push of the button.
Powerful Brand Compressor
The 230-watt brand compressor is equipped with strong cooling and second-speed start . serving ice machines longer than other common compressors. It is of low noise and energy-saving.
Large Ice Yield & Storage
The multi-grid ice-making plate of 4*8PCs can produce about 80-90 lbs of ice cubes (0.9x0.9x0.9-inch) every day. And the storage cabinet can hold up to 33 lbs of ice cubes . perfect for your family gathering.
Stainless Steel Material
Built with long-lasting stainless steel . the ice machine has a sleek and luxurious appearance. Along with thickened Cyclopentane foam layer and 2.5 mm thick PP injection liner . it has better insulation.
Easy-to-Operate Panel
The advanced control panel with buttons allows various functions . including ON/OFF . auto-clean . ice thickness adjustment . and DISTURBANCE display (harvest . water storage . high temp . and overtime).
Practical Water Filter
With a powerful water filter . our ice-making machine can be directly connected to the faucet to convert tap water into drinkable pure water and produce clean . sanitary . and healthy ice cubes.
Well-Designed Details
With the dazzling blue light . ice cubes are more convenient to observe. The air vents ensure a long lifespan while effectively dissipating heat. 2 inches height nonslip footpads are contributed to strong stability.


Power: 230 W
24H Production: about 80-90 lbs (36-40 kg)
Ice Storage Capacity: 33 lbs (15 kg)
Ice Plate: 32 PCs (4x8)
Ice Cube Size: 0.9"x0.9"x0.9" (22x22x22 mm)
Item Dimensions: 19.68''x14.76''x32.75'' (500x375x835 mm)
Item Weight: 60 lbs (27.3 kg)

Package Content

1 x Ice Cube Maker Machine
1 x Ice Spoon
1 x Water Filter
1 x Water Inlet
1 x Water Outlet
1 x Instruction Manual
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